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About Studio RAW

An idea created on a beercoaster came to life

In the recent years, we have heard and seen that coming up with a concept or dish goes hand in hand with the right tableware. As a chef, an entrepreneur in catering or hospitality and concept maker, the goal is to create an optimal experience. The need for tableware items that fit within a vision, concept and a dish is logical, because this completes the experience. We recognized the need, but did not find any solutions offered in the market. Therefore, we created our studio to meet that need.

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Several popular items from our studio directly from our warehouse

Without extra leadtime for production. .. Choose your style and have it on your table within a couple of days!
*limited quantaties available

Studio Raw

Quality and knowledge

StudioRAW is led by our Ceramic-Technician Martin Blommaert. Martin has a very broad knowledge of the profession and plenty of experience in setting up production lines, silkscreen printing and developing engobes and (reactive) glazes. He gained his experience due to his work as a production and laboratory manager at Royal Delft. Therefore, we are proud that Martin is part of this creative and challenging initiative. We would like to invite you to develop your own signature tableware items, together with Martin.

Situated in Utrecht

Studio RAW is situated at the 600 m2 inspiration center of Stylepoint, in Utrecht. Specially designed to let you discover our products in an interactive manner.